13 April 2010

I love disc golf

Chrissy hitting a birdie on the last hole of round 1

Disc golfing is so much fun. I enjoy it oh so thoroughly and I am most grateful for a bodacious wife and partner who is also inclined to play this glorious game with me. On top of that I am grateful for the opportunity to play sans Joy, though we often bring her along and I enjoy her presence there with us, it is such a different experience when we are able to play at our own pace and focus primarily on the game and not our animated daughter who is exploring the world around her at full pace.

I am also grateful for having such rad housemates.

This was what I awoke to see after my nap with Joy. Awesome huh? I'll keep this post brief and just extend my gratitude once again to my lovely and awesome wife Chrissy, to my housemates Shay and Jeanna and also to Illima who was kind enough to watch Joy for us while we went out and played disc golf. We shot two rounds, at two different 9 hole courses. Chrissy finished 1 over at the first course, I finished even (it was the closest round we've had yet) and the second round Chrissy again finished 1 over and I finished 4 under. Good times. I'm proud of Chrissy for this was the best two rounds she has ever played without taking mulligans or anything.

I love this life.

Mahalo yo!

A glimpse of how well Chrissy was putting...

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