08 April 2010

Life is a reflection of love

This is spring. This is an expression of millions of years of adaptation and evolution. This is gratitude unfolding in the form of a plant, humbly reaching towards its provider (the sun) in a harmonious and symbiotic way that is in sync with everything.

In the grand scheme of things I am but a tiny speck of dust seemingly, aimlessly making my way around a tiny speck of a planet within a tiny speck of a solar system in a tiny speck of a galaxy in this universe (which very well may be a tiny speck of a universe in an infinite reality of universes). I am okay with this, in all actuality I embrace this.

The cool part is that I am shedding the well ingrained impression that my life has any more significance than any other plant, animal, fish, and so on. The really cool thing is that I am seeing how maintaining a positive, loving, and light filled perspective and portraying that through my actions is the most gratifying way of BEING. I am extremely grateful to be here right now.

The undulating waves of this ride we call life sure make things interesting. If every single moment is NOW and I am in fact manifesting it all then I sure have one wild imagination. That and for the most part, I am helping create a beautiful reality indeed.

I like to write, I like to read, I like to sing, dance, laugh, play, share, care, and so much more. This is just an expression of my gratitude for this life. In future posts there will be more of the same, there shall also be questions, encouragements, and perhaps a fair amount of constructive criticism as well. I humbly thank you for reading and encourage you to leave any questions and/or comments so that we may keep an open line of communication flowing, that would be swell.

Mahalo yo!

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