18 November 2010

Remember to breathe

Been thinking a lot.

Been movin' and shakin' a bunch.

Been mostly in the flow yo.


This is fun, what wonderful and magnificent happenings going on around here. Fear, as it would seem has a great and welcome place in this world, it gets you aware that something big is about to happen. Choices arise, let the fear paralyze, step cautiously towards it, or boldly move with confidence towards that unknown. There in lies the game, almost our whole reality is shaped around such moments. There is comfortable space, sure, that realm of awareness where you're safe, cozy, and fine just where you are. Then there is potential space, a place where anything is possible because you believe its so.

What we'd like to see is what we all can make happen through action.

That is the only place this is going to come from, whatever comes next we all thought up and followed through with. This is NOW and this is what we've got. Complaining can only help perpetuate that which is complained about as we hold on to it. Change can only happen if we instead focus on the beauty and harmony we know is there, this is when the love starts to shine through. There may be many things happening around the world and close to home that are easily perceived as negative or tragic and yet if we are not physically attached to it there is little we are doing to improve these situations. The solution? Come to terms with what gifts you've been given, what your "medicine" is for the world, and how you can use it, selflessly share it really, with the world around you. Maybe it only goes as far as your closest loved ones, friends, or family, that is great, give them all that love. Perhaps it goes much further and your skills, knowledge, abilities can be embraced by more or larger communities, fantastic! Give it selflessly, and let it go when it's given.

Being grateful for where you are always, regardless of the situation is so beneficial to personal well being. Our actions in this life are the reflections of everything we are. If you'd like to see kindness. appreciation, and patience in the world then by golly BE kind, appreciate, and BE patient! This is the simplest lesson I can remind myself of, expecting anything of anybody that I am not already projecting out is fleeting at best.

I make the movement move and you do to. Let's live in joy and do this together with style and grace, and with a smile on our face yo...


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