16 February 2012

Openning to Grace I give thanks...

Welcome to these words. I write them to share, I also write so that I may better reflect on the thoughts and feelings flowing through me. This is all so fascinating, this life, this continual, ever present moment that we've been gifted the ability to see as an unfolding perspective. Here I sit, listening to One Day (live) by Matisyahu and doing my very best to make sense of this reality.

I am a human being, an animal cohabiting this incredibly complex largely water world as on of the small percentage of beings on this planet who lives on land. For whatever reason I have been blessed with the ability to formulate thoughts and construct those thoughts into spoken and written words, symbols, musical expression, along with artistic and destructive capabilities that I can consciously or not choose to act out in this life.

I believe I am alive and awake though I'm also willing to believe that this is just a part of the greater dream that is absolute consciousness. I realize that there are dimensions and domains available to me that I've briefly visited/embraced or tapped into. I'm doing my best to account for all the magic that occurs while sleeping, dreaming, in this context is an aspect of this existence I rarely see coming into focus or discussed as openly or as often as I look forward to it one day reaching. So there's awake and asleep as general loose perspectives but in each there is infinite possibilities and potential, only unrealized until we are willing to coax it into that special place we call manifestation.

Manifestations are awesome, we are ALL manifestations and in this, we are all reflections. We've collectively agreed on one pretty wild reality here on Earth. We'll leave out the rest of the Cosmos and what's going on in the grander Omniverse for now. On this planet, in my brief lifetime in this vessel I have born witness to many seemingly incredible leaps and bounds in the way society operates do to the ever expansive and complexly interwoven age of "modern" technology. The internet, cell phones, video phones, 3D cameras and Televisions (viewing screens?), memory storage capabilities becoming smaller in size as they grow in holding capacity, 3D printers that can literally "print 3 dimensional objects designed on a computer and built out of any number of materials, and so many other incredible gizmos and gadgets that were hardly believed possible a mere 15 to 20 years ago.

All this is wonderful on many levels and yet something has felt strange about how these things have come to be this way. I have learned through exploration that most of these technologies are based on crude systems that use unsustainable energy sources that are ultimately inefficient to a fault that will eventually be realized through through a fair deal of disaster and detriment to our blessed existence on this planet. And then, as I'm exploring this and researching many other fascinating subjects that have intrigued me for much of my life I come to find that if you go back to a certain point with virtually all of these technological advancements, we, as in humanity as a whole had to very different options and paths to choose on how we created and shared these gifts with the world.

One of those paths has been walked before, far beyond where we are now with technology and communication capabilities. It was based on principles of efficiency, harmony, and the utilization and cooperation of the awesome energies that are ever present on this planet, on this plane, and in this dimension. This is a dense reality and perspective I've grown rather certain through both observation and experience. Embracing this knowledge, harmonizing with the sacred geometric frequencies of everything, and doing all this from a space of love, gratitude, and divine intention is not only possible, it is where we genuinely thrive.

It is exciting to see individuals in the collective soup of consciousness that are sharing there passion for remembering these truths and having the courage, patience, grace, and overall ability to share what has been forgotten (and to a great extent suppressed) with everyone alive right NOW. I know many people, including myself through much of this life have accepted this current civilization as just the way things are or believing that what I was taught in school about history and what was presented to me on the Television Programs was reality. And it is, sorta. Everything we think does become a part of reality, its just that reality as it were, is infinite, infinity. There in lies the space to play and interpret it all in any way we'd like.

Alright, I have a sweet little girl named Joyously who I'm ready to start getting ready for bed, we'll do some hair brushing, read some stories and listen to some sweet melodic music in the genre of Dean Evenson and Scott Huckaby, I do cherish this space in our day. I'll have to leave this as an open essay or writing that I look forward to getting back to in a "future" moment...

(note: no editing, grammar checking or for that matter I haven't even gone through and read what I just wrote above, this is basically a free association thought release piece)

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