29 March 2010

Does it get any funner?

Does it get any funner?

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Move over more fun, funner is taking your place. Or at least it will and has been used proudly by me for as long as I can remember, it is way funner than saying more fun.

The title of this blog is more of a rhetorical question and knowingly absurd statement than anything else. It is going to get funner, I believe that entirely.

This is an enjoyable experience, just sitting here writing these words, breathing deeply and relaxing to the very best of my ability. I'm focusing on positively pursuing and embracing the most enriching and satisfying life as possible. To seek that which is in my highest and do what is best for my growing family.

Man am I stoked to become a father, tomorrow we have another check up, we are 17 weeks in and I am loving the anticipation of it all, to be going through this incredible experience with Chrissy is such a blessing, I'm so very thankful for all of it.

What we choose to place importance on in this life is really something to reflect upon, when I remember to be conscious of my breath and realize all of the wonderful comforts that I have, a roof over my head, food so I never go hungry, family and friends to share this life with, and to have access to vehicles and the means and/or money to fill it with fuel. I really have some luxuries beyond the basic necessities for survival, blessed indeed.

And to think of the limitless possibilities of what the future will hold, I'm looking forward to it...

Joy and love,


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