30 August 2014

Draw. Sketch. Create. Do

The sketch/drawing above was immensely pleasurable to create. I wish to share it with you as I see this process being very therapeutic and I recommend you give it a try.  The tools used were simple.  A pencil and eraser, a compass, and some graph paper.  First I made a big circle and then decided to add four uniform diamonds inside with the plan to repeat that sequence 4 times kn total.

Here is step two of the diamond layers.  This whole design came originally from or rather was inspired by the sunflower and through that the Fibonacci sequence.  What was really fun and rewarding about this was I only had an idea in my head of how to create it and my goal was to be able to make this using stretch fabrics.  The diamond connected together in four layers seemed a good way to go.

  Here you can see the third layer of four diamonds has been added and the "blooming" of the sunflower is really taking shape.  Now there is only one layer of four diamonds to go.  The patterns becomes incredibly more complex with each layer which is such a neat consequence of adding these uniform layers of diamonds over each other.

After the fourth layer is added we arrive at this beautiful image.  Now I have the fun goal of translating this into a fabric sculpture.  Amazingly, as you now know from me breaking down the process above, this is simply 4 layers of 4 uniform diamonds for a total of 16 diamonds and an awesome "flower" pattern that has bloomed.  Over the coming days I'll be working on a fabric prototype.  I'll share the outcome here to be sure!


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