31 August 2014

Russell Brand, I compliment the path you're walking. Thank you for the Trews, and all that you do.

The Trews.  Have you seen this yet? It is a webcast that Russell Brand has been creating for about 7 months now.  It's excellent.  He distills issues and current events in a way that I personally find very easy to relate to.  Whats more, he is utilizing an outlet system through YouTube that allows him to express his observations and illuminate subjects freely and for as short or long as he'd like.  It becomes very accessible this way and it is making waves in the greater main stream media reality to be sure. The above video is a recent episode and without even describing what is in it I encourage you to just take a look at it and here what he has to say.  If you're anything like me you'll then scroll through the archives and get dosed with some of his other comical and informative, eloquent rants.

Here's a description from his YouTube page:

This is my channel where we can together, unravel the matrix of modern media and reveal the gleaming reality beyond connecting us all to each other through pure consciousness. Or it's true news. Trews.
Before long we will dismantle traditional media, the machinery of capitalism and duplicitous pseudo democracy and realise humankind's true (trew) potential as spiritual beings that manifest our own physical destiny. Also I do voices. And sing my own theme tune. After The Revolution The Trews will be Fox News.
He is a crusader of peace and kindness.  His comical style can be intense and he cuts to the truth quick. If you spend some time researching the current events going on around the world and then take in his refreshing perspective I believe it will help produce a better perspective that you yourself can cultivate as you discern the mega influx of information, propaganda, nonsense, and truth that is getting blasted out there on the world wide web, television, radio, and certainly through social networks these days.  There is little fact checking on many news broadcasts these days and on social media platforms anyone can put together a visually convincing info graph or post that appears to be legitimate news.  The reality is it takes a bit of intuition and mindfulness to really sort out for yourself what is what and perhaps what is truth.  
Kudos to Russell Brand again for just doing what he's doing.  It is so awesome that he is just letting it out and calling all the bullshit out.  It is important as a lot of the bullshit is also fear mongering and out right detrimental to the overall narrative about how we as humans individually and collectively co-create this reality.  In some ways shit really has gotten out of hand and on the other side of that realization is that there are plenty of us out there "waking up" to the truth that peace and abundance, happiness and harmony, and general well being can be ours in any moment.  
I feel the most important part any of us can do is to acknowledge what is going on in the grander story of this world on all levels, the health of the plants, air, water, earth, and how we impact these natural resources as human beings.  There is also a very real world war that is unfolding before our eyes and it can be scary as hell to think about.  It may come to our front doors in more ways than one and maybe it won't too.  What we can do is take care of ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, the elders, the youth, and do our best to practice kindness, patience, respect, and love for all.  Forgiveness is paramount as well.  We, at the core are hurting ourselves the more we hold on to resentment and blame and non-forgiveness.  It is a gift to ourselves to surrender to love and accept that regardless of the person, people, governments, gangs, and so on that we may not agree with, as we individually and collectively come together in peaceful ways. The results of this can and will transform the detrimental forces that try to selfishly maintain all the power.  After all, we all have the power (especially when we come together).
Okay, I've ranted enough for the moment.  Russell, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing.  I am encouraged and motivated by your actions and applaud you for those very things.  You are living by example and I approve of it.  Ideally I may also continue to do the same, better, and better every day.

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