27 August 2014

Backyard bounty!

After being away from the house for a week it was such a delightful surprise to find a humongous heirloom tomato among the days backyard harvest.

It takes some energy, a bit of planning, a good location in the yard, and a desire to reap the benefits of gardening to actually make it happen.  With that said, the benefit and reward of harvesting foods from the land is just awesome.

This is just a quick shot out to all who invest their time in this wonderful (and therapeutic!) practice of tending the soil and growing a garden.  To those who have not tried it, I assure you it is well worth the effort to try one out.  You'd be surprised how determined some of these fruits and vegetables are to survive and often thrive.  

To be certain there are so many varied levels of gardening to explore. Permaculture, organic gardening, backyard chickens, bees, and the list goes on.  Giving yourself any opportunity to commune with nature and the elements is of benefit to you.  Please do go out and get your hands in the dirt.  Momma Earth thanks you.

~Mahalo Yo

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