10 November 2012

The Tower falls to be rebuilt from within...

              The Tower is a symbol of the universal principle of healing, renovation, and restoration.

This is NOW.  I am in the midst of a wonderfully marvelous process of being a self actualized human being.  Of course, this is the process we are all ever presently in but for this guy, this one right here writing these words well, I'm in it.  That tower above was the card I drew just now after coming back from an energy work session that was focused on my heart space and core.  You see, I've lived an incredibly awesome life in so many respects these past 31 years and now, as in, right NOW I find myself looking to be more whole and complete in my isness.  That is to say, I see that since birth likely I've been in this more or less constant journey to integrate my entire being so as to be more authentically, energetically present in this vessel we call a body.

I am as some may say a dreamer, many may acknowledge me as living life with my head in the clouds if you will.  There is something accurate in this assessment, spiritually speaking I've lived much of my life more connected to the ethereal realms rather than the physical.  I've not intentionally lived this way mind you, it is not as if my whole life I've been seeking to be spiritual.  It seems to me almost to be the opposite.  I have since I was a youngster often felt rather out of place in this world and it has confused and confounded me all the way up to the present.  It has been through accidental or intentional interaction with divine sources that I've been most at ease here in this existence.

What I am attempting to express or gain clarity on is the concept that I have truly lived my life as a spiritual being having a human experience and only so very recently have I been in a space within myself where I earnestly wish to integrate the two and live and broadcast an integrated experience purely and awesomely through a heart centered core.  My brain is smart, very intelligent indeed.  I am quite capable of formulating great and complex stories and realities that may or may not have anything to do with this present reality you and I find ourselves in the midst of.  What I am very excited to be doing is acknowledging how my brain has been running the show for a great deal of this journey and now I would very much like to welcome my heart and core into the mix so that there is a cohesive balance found.  This is something I embrace not as some illusory future possibility but rather as something that is wholly and completely my reality now and the fun part will be to have my inward reflection and outward projection align.

We are all divine.  We are all made of star stuff.  We are gifts unto ourselves, here to have an opportunity to realize our awesomeness.  This is an Epic (as in the actual meaning of the word not the carelessly used slang term that is so popular today) chance to shine brightly from our core as individual human beings being a glorious unified expression of divinity, love, compassion, and joy spinning together back to unity.  This life is a gift for us to see, be, and then share and equally receive.

I will be touching more on this subject when I get back to touching more of these here keyboard keys later tonight ideally.  Now though I must surrender to the present moment and day and attend to the other experiences I am choosing to participate in and do my very best to do my very best...

~Love to the Now

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