04 November 2012

Creativity is the Key for we are in the process of Creation NOW

Creativity.  It's ever present, each of these words by there very nature are spawned from the creative process.

Since the beginning there was...


Creation has this deal with itself, be creative, be creativity, and be in the process of creation all the way there and back again.  Back to source that is.  Creativity is Loves vibratory frequency that allows it to see itself in all its glory.  Creativity is the divine process of unconditional love reflecting itself in every way imaginable in order to fully become actualized.

I think one of the best aspects of creativity is that it truly does have a place in everything we do in this life.  it does not have to be a grandiose process, one in which if we feel unable to be creative then we're failing ourselves.  Naw, even having a thought that we are not being creative or are stumped in the creative process takes creativity to realize.  Why?  Because creativity is ever present.  Our very thoughts, breath, heart beat and lives as a whole are the manifestation of creativity.  Creativity gives us duality so that we may bounce these dualities back and forth back to unity.

I believe if I/we own up to our powerful creativity we can live in every moment a magnificent reality.  We have an ever present opportunity to gift ourselves with Joy, with Love, with the present of the Present.  Gratitude is Creativity's companion, when creativity is being mindfully practiced our spirits cannot help but be grateful.

Creation has a polar opposite doesn't it?


Though as was addressed above, creativity is an ever present process that comes from source and source is whole and complete.  So Destruction and Creation are one and the same if we choose to see it this way.  Of course, we do happen to live in an existence where Duality is the primary focus of Reality.  So Destruction has a warm place in my heart right next to Creation.  A good healthy dose of destruction can be very beneficial.  Life and Death, Creation and Destruction, Beginning and End.  All of these dualities when taken under the microscope or projected out to the macro-scope can be appreciated as actually being very similar, or rather, it is challenging to differentiate where one begins and the other ends (hey, I just used two of these dualities as examples!).  I suppose I thought about destruction because creativity often comes out of seemingly destructive places.  What I mean to say by this is it is through breakdowns that breakthroughs often appear.  It often happens that creativity can often occur while focusing not on what we are desiring to create, but rather by releasing that bond and by doing so destroying the link that may have been the blockage in the first place so that we allow creativity to be revealed through a new and perhaps unforeseen channel.

These are merely my first thoughts for the day coming out for you to share.  I again drew upon a card for a topic to write about and was gifted with a beautiful image and lovely topic.  Creativity is a divine gift we all are born with for we resonate from the eternal source of Creation.  I shall go now, have a little coffee and enjoy this day to the fullest capacity I am capable of, I shall live in creativity, with gratitude and unconditional love for NOW.  The present is a present, this moment is a gift, and may we all shine our light and loving creativity graciously...

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