01 November 2012

You deserve to share your Life's gift...

Really, truly, you do.  You have something to share, what that may be I am sincerely unaware, unless of course you've shown me already.  There's something deep inside you, I know, I know, it's dark in there and when you go there it can be very scary to try and find something you can't necessarily see.  Trust me though, it will be worth it.  What is it you are waiting for?  Someone to tell you where to look?  Are you perhaps wondering if there will be a guide book or map that you can use to find your gift to share? And by the way what is this "gift" anyways I'm talking about?  Ah yes, that, well.  You see we are all made of the same divine essence that all of creation is made of and this really magical mystery was presented to each of us, this opportunity to look within ourselves to see the most holy realm of existence, which some call their "truth" and some call their "purpose", while these and other similar words or expressions are pointing us in the right direction the real realness of this gift I speak of is that we all are naturally, inherently gifted beings with a unique presence to share with the collective whole so that as we all contribute our individual gifts a quite marvelous unified story can be seen and appreciated and looked at so that we may all be in awe of this and be grateful.

This is the end of an era in humanities journey in which we shed that which no longer serves us, on an individual level and societal level as well.  We are here with an incredible opportunity to face the coming (and indeed already here) shit storm of  environmental, political, and individual agendas and go into the darkness so that it can be addressed, assessed, and ideally changed for good right?

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