29 March 2010

2010: A new decade to create magic in

2010: A new decade to create magic in

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Chrissy and Joy, the blessed ladies in my life...

Here I am exercising my fingers, mind, and eyes as these letters and words appear on this screen. What a wonderful world we live in. I am grateful for the presence and positive intention that has brought me to this very point.

I will keep this brief, writing for writing sake. Getting some thoughts out onto this site and world wide web for everyone to see. This is for you and this is also for me, we are all one, we're in it together, we are the ever present ~i~.

Six days into the new year, a solar eclipse is on its way and before the calendar month is over a full moon will grace us with its presence and energy. My goals for this month are to take my grander goals and simplify them in to realistic daily achievements thereby allowing the power of placing one accomplishment on top of another building my dreams into a beautiful reality. All in a days work...

Today is a day of reflection, of creation, of embracing those closest to me and showing my appreciation.

Manifesting Magnificence,

~Mahalo yo!

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