29 March 2010

One day closer to tomorrow...

One day closer to tomorrow...

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~* My wife (in her sexy new glasses) and I at The Melting Pot, yes, it was delicious. *~

How much are you loving right now? Me, I suppose I could be loving it more, I realized as I asked the question that I wasn't very present of my breathing, among other things. I am thoroughly enjoying myself at the moment to be sure, there is always room for more though.

Today is the 6th day of November (depending on where you live I suppose), and in one months time, assuming all plans stay relatively in order, my wife and I will be on the road, on a splendid adventure driving towards our new home in Oregon. I'm stoked.

So here is a breakdown of our plan as of right now:

December 5th: Depart from the Twin Cities heading westbound, destination Boulder, Colorado and a two day visit with my good friend Jake.

(Roughly 930 miles and 13 hours drive time)

December 7th/8th: Depart from Boulder and head to Zion National Park in Utah, stay for 2 nights.

(Roughly 625 miles and 9 hours of drive time)

December 10th/11th: Depart from Zion and head to San Diego to stay with Chrissy's friend Justine and Scott for a couple of days, first stopping in Las Vegas for lunch.

(Roughly 470 miles and 7 hours drive time (up to 2 more with traffic in Cali though))

December 13th/14th: Depart from San Diego and head up to LA to visit my friend Matthew for a day or two.

(Roughly 120 miles and 2 hours of drive time)

December 15th/16th: Depart from LA and head up to Capitola/Santa Cruz area and stay with our friends Derek and Chas for a day or two.

(Roughly 380 miles and 7 hours of drive time (taking the coastal route))

December 17th/18th: Depart from Santa Cruz and head up to the Redwood National Park for one or two nights of camping.

(Roughly 430 miles and 8 hours of drive time)

Finally arrive in Portland, Oregon and stay with Chrissy's sister Kim for a short time before finding our own place to call home.

(Roughly 340 miles and 6 hours of drive time)

What an ambitious trip eh? We will see if this can be pulled off, I have high hopes but just like a leaf falling from a tree, we do not know the exact route we will take to our final destination.

Either way you slice or dice it we are bound for Oregon and will happily call it home in a little over a months time. In a couple of weeks we also have a wonderful trip to Maryland to look forward to as we will be spending a week with Chrissy's family over Thanksgiving.

I have appreciated the time we have spent here in the lovely state of Minnesota, we have done and seen many things together here and now we get to look forward to sharing completely new experiences in an area of the country neither of us has been to before in Oregon.

How did we come to decide on Oregon as the place we wanted to live? There are, like most all questions a great number of answers I could give. We both feel a calling to the area, it is considered one of the most progressive and "green" cities to live in in our country, there is both a coast and mountains an hour from us in each direction, the old growth forests, an abundance of nature in general, the list could go on for ages...

Really, we are excited to embark on a new adventure and we have decided that Oregon is the ideal place for us to start our family together. I fully trust that this is where we are supposed to be and that we shall thrive in and make the best of our situation once there. Our dreams are big and our reality reflects that, I have described my life since meeting Chrissy as a fairy tale and the more I think about it, it really feels like one. How cool is that?

Gratitude for right now, the only moment we have. If we truly are all one and I love Chrissy, it follows that I love you, and then it would appear that I love me too...

I can dig it.


Oh yeah, I left out that shortly after we had made our decision to move to Portland, we heard about a website called findyourspot.com it is a fun site that shows ideal places for you to work, live, and play. Check it out.

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