29 March 2010

Autumn foliage, the fresh brisk air, and a smile on my face.

Autumn foliage, the fresh brisk air, and a smile on this face.

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~* Chrissy and I at my friend Nicholas' concert *~

Let's roll this out in as positive a fashion as possible shall we? Life is good, wait, let me enhance that, life is grand!

Much better.

My last entry was a couple weeks back and I mentioned the Master Cleanse and starting that ten day adventure. I have since completed said adventure and I am back to the pleasurable experience of chewing wholesome and delicious food, what a delight that has been. The cleanse was a very rewarding challenge that I am grateful to have taken on for so many reasons, it truly has heightened my appreciation for life in general.

Now I am sitting here typing these words, consciously breathing deeply, with good posture and I'm in an absolutely great mood. The trees in view outside are a blessed array of colors, here in Minnesota the foliage is beautiful though brief and I am glad to have spent as much time as I have outside enjoying it.

That brings me to share with you a wonderful weekend experience my stunningly attractive wife and I had. We decided to go to an apple orchard in Afton, Minnesota and it was about as ideal a setting as we could imagine, the weather was gorgeous, we really had a fantastic time. We picked apples, raspberries, and a pumpkin too, I believe we were there for four hours or so, we had that much fun.

What a blessed life and world this is, I am so thankful.

Perspective is everything and I tell you what, I'm perceiving a stupendous reality right now. I am looking forward to what the future will be like while appreciating the present to the best of my abilities. It is so cool to think that anything is possible and that each day brings new gifts and limitless potential for joy and happiness.

I would love to write for awhile more but this day is so glorious that I am compelled to take advantage of it and go throw a round or two of disc golf before work. I also am going to post a new load of pictures on The 5 after I finish this so please feel free to take a gander.

One last thing, I love my wife Chrissy and every day I find more and more reasons why, I am so grateful to have such an amazing partner in this life to share the beauty and wonders of this world with. She is 22 weeks pregnant and doing very well, I look very forward to bringing this new life into the world with her and learning, remembering, and growing together as a family.

May you enjoy this moment, day, and life to the fullest! I send my love, gratitude, and happiness to you all.


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