29 March 2010

Water, Breath, Better Living, and Blackalicious...

Water, Breath, Better Living, and Blackalicious...

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~* Getting ready to hop on the Max and be transported to the Better Living Show *~

I could have added Blessings to the end of the title of this, instead, I use it here.

Blessings are our every moment.

Blessings make it all possible.

Blessings are gratitude's reward.

This life, how much fun can we make it? Remembering to breathe seems to benefit my reality, I'm guessing the same goes for you. That and a refreshing glass of water and you don't require much else right? Well, of course there is more to it than these but my goodness gracious goddess they sure do more than just help make the ride possible.

I attended the Better Living Show at the Portland Expo Center and it was quite an enjoyable and enriching experience. I gathered some good information (and ideally retained a fair deal of it as well) from a number of different groups/businesses/communities who are all dedicating a portion of their existence to making a difference. It was awesome.

It is great to be in a City that is so progressively and consciously flowing in positive directions. I love it here. When I think about the hiking, sight seeing, and disc golfing I haven't even participated in within such close proximity gets me stoked right up. All that and we have a garden that is just itching to get going in the back yard, oh my am I pleased with the present while also looking delightfully (and patiently) towards the future.

Blackalicious. Are you familiar with this musical group? Please, I encourage you to take a listen to them when you can. A nice quick way to check them out is to pop on to Pandora and start a new station and type them in, in a few seconds you'll have one of their songs playing, it's a pretty sharp program and website. You can listen to one song and then a half of a similar style one before they request you join, it is free, and then you have access to a really cool radio station that you guide. Getting back to Blackalicious, in my opinion they are quality and talent clearly heard and felt. How would I describe their sound/style? I'd say they're conscious moving, positive grooving, progressive hip-hop.

Well friends, my eye's are slowly but surely coming together, sleep is calling and I am ready and willing to answer. First I'll send loving waves out to the universe in the form of prayers, then while breathing deeply, I will drift into a delightful slumber and create magnificent dreams.

Yes, that sounds good.

Cheers to it all,


~*~ I love Chrissy and Joy so much. Just thought I'd share that with everyone. Peace! ~*~

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