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~Our precious daughter, Joy Elizabeth Culhane, all of four days young~

The 5 W's:

Who: Joy Elizabeth Culhane

What: Our daughter's amazing entrance into this world at 6 lbs even and 19 inches long.

Where: Portland, Oregon

When: 6:18 am, March 5th, the Gregorian year of 2008

Why: Goddess only knows, we are certainly thankful though!

~ So, my wife and I are officially grateful parents of the most blessed being I have known in this lifetime. Is there a more wonderful present in this world above the birth of your own child? The answer I imagine is yes, and that for each of us we have our own version of what is most precious to us. For me, quite clearly, it is Joy...

I can only share with you my personal interpretation of this experience that we call life, with that said and acknowledged I would love to extend all the appreciation I can to the infinite reflections of myself that our this existence, we have done so very well.

Life keeps flowing in a splendid direction and this is my expression of unity, Joy, and love.


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