29 March 2010

Happy Merry New day of Joy!

Happy Merry New day of Joy!

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~* A funky perspective of a picture I took on our way through Oregon, Portland bound. *~

A couple of days and we'll have once again spun around the sun, sweet. What a delightful and fun concept to ponder. Let's see, let's see, what's new? Ah, my beautiful wife, sister in law Kim, and I went to The Golden Compass today, that was a pleasurable experience. I thought they did rather well adapting Phillip Pullman's book The Northern Lights to the screen, save for the abrupt and rather premature ending. Even so, the movie overall was great.

The next two books in the series are far superior to the first as it were, not to discredit the book that starts the series at all, it is of course an essential read for the character and plot development. The concepts that get entertained and played out through this trilogy really got my imagination (and spirit) soaring, and as it came to a climax I too felt satisfaction for a story well told and something that has left me asking even more questions then before.

It is late (or early if you like), I have had such a splendid day and night with my wife, and her sister, they are fabulous people and the three of us have made a fantastic Christmas Eve in Portland that will forever be embraced in my memory. To all of you everywhere I share my love, light, and energy with you and celebrate the gift and utter joy of being conscious of this blessed life.


~~Gander at some recent pictures if it pleases you here.

~~~By the by, Portland is awesome, we love it...

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