29 March 2010

Creating a beautiful reality

Creating a beautiful reality

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~* A lovely snowy view from a rest stop in Utah *~

So this is it, right now, at this very moment, we are living out our vision.

How's it looking from your end? Good I trust.

I like to ask questions and wonder, I like to also step outside of my "comfort zone" in order to fulfill my desires of living a light and loving life. I am almost finished reading a very inspiring book by the name of Ishmael, have you read it? You should if you haven't already. If you are on this sight there is a fair chance you already have.

What I love about this book is the way it breaks down into very simple terms and scenarios how a great deal of humans live in todays age. This book sings to my heart, it helps me to see how our collective global reality has come to be the way it is. We are playing out a myth that has detrimentally impacted our precious home (Earth) and what I am so excited about now is the changing paradigms that are helping restore our relationship with each other, all of life, and this entire planet.

Fear and Consumption have played dominating roles for many of us in the past (me included). What I stand for today is a shift towards consciousness, towards gratitude, and towards honor and trust, in ourselves and each other. It is (in my humble opinion) time we embrace our feelings, take hold of our fears and use them to productively move forward toward the reality we all know we can have (and truly deserve).

I have been working on being more sensitive so as to heed the guidance of my intuition, when something does not seem right within it likely isn't right? Reflecting on how often in the past I have had a brief moment of insight only to brush the thought away and do something different and then to look back and say, gee, I should of just followed my feelings.

It takes practice, and diligence, to remove all the past misguided influence's that I've accrued through my upbringing (I still love and am grateful for you mom and dad), the media, and society at large, and just like going to the gym to exercise my body, I must exercise my mind and spirit, focusing daily on living a more present, and mindful life.

These words are here for inspiration, a friendly reminder if you will, to let you know that it is okay to believe anything is possible, to see that each and every one of us is in charge of manifesting our destiny, individually and as a whole. Let's continue to create a new myth for life on this blessed planet and restore the natural harmony and flow of this reality.

~Light and love,


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