29 March 2010

Consciously Creating ths Moment

Consciously Creating this Moment

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~* Multnomah Falls *~

I have to start by dusting my finger tips, it seems ages since I've released words in this medium and now I feel refreshed to acknowledge the act and exercise that is this writing. I have decided to put these thoughts to use by formulating sentences in an honest attempt to share something with you.

But it is more than just sharing, I look forward to humbly contributing to our collective consciousness through any and every possible expression of human potential.

Keep in mind I'm not writing this for your sake, I'm writing it for mine. It's a sincere admission and you are free to draw any conclusions from it you wish.

I have been practicing yoga more consistently and giving my body more attention so that through this awareness I can focus on areas that can be improved upon in my being. I also had a massage yesterday that is to be the first in a weekly exchange with my good friend Joshua, who earnestly stated to me that this will be an ongoing journey and that in a way I am his subject. His ultimate goal is to work out all points of tension while focusing on bringing me to my most pristine state of physical being.

I can dig that.

I realize that each moment has so much to offer and if I am ready and willing to face everything, especially the fear, and simply though boldly move in a harmonious flow then I'll be where I envision myself fully living, in every moment, consciously creating.

A natural pause presented itself between this sentence and the last, my daughter Joy awoke from her nap and so sweetly beckoned me to love on her. I was more than obliged, I sang and cooed to her instinctively as I came in to pick her up. I then began to prepare some food with my free hand for her all the while bouncing her in my arm still humming with nonsensical delight. This little girl nearly has me by the soul already. The brightness in her silver blue eyes that let's me know that it's all good right now and the future is going to be beautiful too.

I look forward to writing more and getting into the positive habit of doing so daily again. Alas this entry will be wrapped up for I will happily be snuggling with my wife and child for the remainder of the night. Cheers to every one everywhere, let us spin and flow into the light of tomorrow.

Love and Joy,


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