29 March 2010

Starting by sharing (and saving) older blogs

Greetings and blessings, mahalo nui loa for stopping by.

My first order of business on this here nifty site may take me a bit to finish. I had a blog on a wonderful conscious community driven website that was first called Zaadz.com and then became Gaia.com, due to the economical constraints of today the owners had to make the unfortunate decision to have that amazing project come to an end. They are shutting down the site at the end of this month and so I took it upon myself to save all of my blogs on my computer and now I am going to re-share them with the world, one blog at a time. So that is where I am at and beyond that I look forward to sharing many more words, pictures, videos, thoughts, dreams, and a fair bit of nonsense with all the wonderful world wide web again!

Mahalo yo!

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