29 March 2010

What does the weather right now remind you of?

What does the weather right now remind you of?

Posted on Jan 30th, 2008 by pastedGraphic.pdf indubitablymeibe

This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for January 30, 2008:


~* Oh sweet and glorious water, how I love you so... *~

I tell you what, it is just past one in the morning here in the glorious city of Portland, Oregon so looking out the window I see mainly silhouettes in the darkness. I can here the sound of rain dripping from the gutters and I did take a walk through Laurelhurst park an hour ago so I do have a fresh perspective on the weather right now and that perspective is abundance, flow, and nourishment.

Water is such a blessed and integral part of our existence and when I take the time to really reflect on that I seem to primarily become more and more grateful for its presence here.

I feel very fortunate when I think of the weather right now.

I am reminded of how blessed I am to be inside of a shelter that allows me to be comfortable when the natural elements of our world would otherwise prove to be rather difficult to embrace. I am reminded that this life source is what keeps the grass and the leaves on the trees green so that we may lusciously and graciously breathe in the vital oxygen being produced.

What the weather reminds me of right now is that all of life is interconnected and because of that I am a direct reflection of the weather itself, with that I like to remind myself to see it as a beautiful and wonderful piece of our reality.

Here's to loving the weather wherever you are...


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