29 March 2010

What is your renaissance? Mine? Every moment...

What is your renaissance? Mine? Every moment...

Posted on Mar 16th, 2008 by pastedGraphic.pdf indubitablymeibe

This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for March 16, 2008:


~* My Renaissance is now *~

As it goes, I happen to perceive a renaissance occurring all the time.

I realize I could reflect on one particular series of moments strung together that would signify a clear, life-defying, renaissance, I could. Really though reality keeps me on my toes constantly, as long as I breathe deeply and stay present, a Renaissance seems to be taking place, well, always.

Did I mention I love life? And by life, I mean the woman I have been honored and grateful to call my wife, our child whom was born a mere 11 days ago, and everything else I can manage to take in and flow with. All of that, I love dearly.

My renaissance is typing this paragraph, minutes after typing the last paragraph, moments after sipping a splash of Zinfandel, and as these very breathes occur embracing the reality that my little daughter Joy is slumbering in my presence. This memory can be looked at as a milestone in my sweet, humble life with appreciation. A true renaissance of gratefulness, right here now.

What a Joy-filled ride,


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